Tuesday, November 9, 2004


phew! who knew that learning to knit would take this much brain power. the photo above shows how much i knit after 3 straight hours of trying to knit. ya, it's only about 1.5" high ... and ya, it's crooked ... to ho ho

'member that irving berlin song, 'anything you can do i can do better, i can do anything better than you'? for the longest time i would sing that song to encourage myself to be able to do things i knew other people could do. you can drive stick shift? i can drive stick. you can down shift before a turn? i can down shift before a turn AND double clutch.

i need to sing this song to myself until i can knit, but man! there are so many variables when you knit - tension, counting stitches, ensuring the needles don't flip flop around everywhere. also because when you knit you don't get a direct result from an action (rather you need to complete several actions before a connection from the actions create a result - if that made any sense at all), you may not realize that you've made a mistake until several actions later. hopefully the more i knit, i'll be able to catch mistakes as i make them!

my brain is so tired ... but i still want to knit. i want to call in sick to work tomorrow so i can knit.


and hmm, i wonder how many people submit photos?


oh yea! it was -1 and we had flurries today. it's only november...


bianca said...

ooooo, purrrrrdeeee! gambatte!!

Anonymous said...

did you learn how to knit continental style, or the other way?


Anonymous said...

ahhh... fond memories of that sofa. :0)

[The User] said...

ahhh.. you got another pic on lala land! I'll have to take another look at my pics for something with interesting sky.

Don't give up the knit!!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed that you are familiar with that song! I'll be more impressed if you can tell me from what musical that song is from...No cheating!

Anonymous said...

such fond memories of that sofa :0) -psycho

Myae said...

That took you 3 hours?!
well, you'll become faster in no time.

I did that knitting style in textile class back in grade 12.
The whole class had to knit a scarf, and later, our scarves were given to the needy as a christmas gift.
I enjoyed knitting, and i was planning on making a scarf for myself.... but I forgot how to start it.
teach me?

happyd said...

J: um i think it's the other kind. a girl in the class was doing something different and the teacher said that she looked like she was attemping the continental style. this sunday i'm going to be taking another class - a lacy shawl class where we will be taught how to knit 'euro-style'!

A.S.: the musical is either 'annie get your gun' or 'singing in the rain'. i can't remember which. do YOU know?

-psycho: yes the couch you insisted on sleeping on even though we had an air mattress...

neil: thanks! and YES you should totally submit something. every time a pic gets posted an email is generated to notify you and it always says... 'Don't hesitate to submit photos for the upcoming months. Please help
to keep this web project alive!'

myae: i didn't know you made a scarf too! yes for sure i'll show you how to cast on. did you learn to purl? and YES i'm much faster now. the day after i took that picture i took apart the WHOLE thing and started from scratch. i'm starting to make the 'click, click' sound that fast knitters make, but only sometimes.

WOW! thank you for all your comments guys!!!!

Anonymous said...

Annie Get Your Gun! Pretty good, Hyedie!