Thursday, November 4, 2004

ok now for some positivity! i found this wonderful post about social change:

2 of my co-workers and i are going to meet up next week to make some plans on how we can get the rest of the office to recycle more and become aware of our dying environment. we are going to talk about putting up signs, creating a short pamphlet on simple things like remembering to always photocopy double sided, getting third party recycling programs and such. very exciting! apparently not only individuals but whole companies can sign up for the nature challenge.


Anonymous said...

But don't signs and pamphlets drain our already limited supply of paper? Aren't they just feeding the problem? :-O

happyd said...

with reforestation and also if companies would put sustainable forest harvesting practices in place, paper would be an unlimited resource.

recycling and post consumer waste helps paper to be limitless as well.