Saturday, October 2, 2004

"are you getting more emotional as you get older?" - andre

i think i have to answer yes to this question. this year i have cried because of moving incidents more than ever. not a waa-waa bawling but more tear-rimmed-eyes-turning-red, don't-make-me-blink-or-the-tears-will-spill-over crying.

a couple of days ago a letter packed with photos arrived at our new address all the way from london! reading the letter my eyes were lined with tears... to think that despite being busy adjusting to a new environment, busy networking, busy trying to explore and busy trying finding a place for herself in a new city b had time to write to us. not only did she find the time to write to us and to develop photos, she bought a book of illustrations for me! all these selfless things she was doing at a time when she should be the most selfish.

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Anonymous said...

Bianca tte yasashii ne!! :)
I'm glad you've had such great times @ the Ivana Santilli concert and the Lisa Loeb concert!