Tuesday, September 21, 2004

tonight i cried at the lisa loeb concert. the acoustics were great, the rowdy drunk people left my hearing vicinity and because i stood right behind the last row of seats i had the perfect view of the stage. it was just lisa, her guitar and 1 backup singer and his guitar. together they were able to create really full, rich instrumentals with only 2 instruments.

during the middle of her set, lisa started to talk about how she couldn't believe 10 years had past since her song debuted on the reality bites sound track. then she played the first 2 notes of 'stay' and my eyes started to well up with tears. i couldn't believe lisa loeb was playing 'stay' in front of me, in real life! it was just too much and i couldn't stop crying. i won't get into the details of the things that were going through my mind - it was just a very bizarre experience.

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bianca said...

ohhh, i love lisa loeb. i wish she had come a bit earlier to vancouver, so that i could have seen her. i'm so glad she has stayed true to her roots, in her artsy funky way.

i love how music can bring back the memory of a moment, a feeling, a person. it is the magic of art. it follows our lifetime, and then is either lost forever, or rediscovered in covers/remakes. sometimes i can't believe that the next generation (our children??) will probably not know reality bites. or stay. or produce city, with their cute apple logo. all memories that i love and cherish, and will carry with me till the end.