Monday, September 6, 2004

i don't know why, but i don't feel like writing much these days. i've been having a lot of internal monologues that haven't really manifested themselves outside my brain and heart. here is a small list of things to note:
  • scored several copies of butter w/ b's awesome interview! thought i'd never find it in TO
  • neil mailed me a dr. grip pen all the way from singapore
  • bjork's fourth album is coming out. i can't believe all the tracks are acapella, no instruments, just voices singing/speaking/beat-boxing. can't wait to get my copy of medulla
  • moving to a loft with boo soon

perhaps creating a to do list will spark the blogger in me again.


Anonymous said...

Compose, write, create!!! Now now now now!!!

bianca said...


your loft is soooooo LOVELY~

(thanks to 'psycho' for blogging the pics).

you and A will be so happy there! i can't wait to come visit!! miss u guys~

happyd said...

thanks b!

i can't wait for this painting to be finished. who ever thought that painting would be this hard!! i guess when i was younger and 'helping' my parents paint, they did all the hard parts and my sisters and i did the big, open, easy walls :P

are you going to start posting pics of YOUR new home?