Monday, August 16, 2004

my lil' sis flew back to yvr today after spending 2 weeks with us here in TO. i'm already missing her terribly~ and regret not taking more time off of work to spend with her. we had SO much fun together and our days always culminated with hysteric laughter over freshly created jokes and recollections of old ones no matter where we were or what we did together.

during myae's stay here i had a weird revelation about how proud i am of my 2 sisters. this pride is in part because of who they are but also, i think, because of how happy and lucky i feel to have such strong relationships with them both.

muah! i love you both/london! heheheh


bianca said...

i wish i had sisters~

boys are poo. okay, well, actually my brother is pretty decent. but still. we can't share clothes. and i'm the better spider-killer. he does open jars though. and finishes leftovers. and tapes shows for me. and picks me up from the airport. hrm. okay. boys aren't poo. ;)

Anonymous said...

Myae is a very special person and you are deliciously caring about your siblings! I will miss her too very much. - Andre