Thursday, October 14, 2004

aaah! back in chilly TO. after arriving at the bus depot at 5am yesterday, we quickly cabbed it back home to sleep for 2.5 hrs before waking up to head out for work. the working hours were spent trying to keep my eyes open and feeling as though i was still on a bus. all day my body felt like it was bobbing and swaying as if i was still on the bus! strange sensation~

when i wasn't out and about roaming around manhattan my eyes were glued to the TV. not having cable i can't really verify this but i highly doubt that CNN aired a documentary called 'terrorism: made in canada' last night this side of the 49th parallel. CNN was advertising this 'news piece' quite a bit and the ad had shots of people in military garb scaling a rock face (supposedly in canada). too funny. i wish i could have watched it.

please, please god (even though i don't believe in you) let kerry be the next commander in chief.


Astrochimp said...

hey mika
must be nice to take a long wkend down to NYC. anyhoot, in regards to your blog entry check this out if you havent already, guess kerry is the lesser of two evils.

yes, i use my lil'ol cybershot for most of my pics on the web, thinking about going back to pinhole though.

[The User] said...

You can help!

Myae said...

that's funny how you wrote about the "funny sensation"
You don't believe in GOD?
Well It's all good c/z I do'tn either, the only religion I have is,,,,, "myae-ism" how awesome is that?

Well I just remembered us playing dr. mario, and how we used to play in the highest level and the highest speed, and we'd die before we get a combo
Good times.
Let's play when you get back.. 'kay?

happyd said...

nice links guys! too funny.

yes kerry is the lesser of too evils but sadly he's the only person that has a shot at dethroning bush. a judge in pennsylvania has thrown out nader as a presidential candidate and so his name will not be on ballots (not that he even had a chance of winning).

do you guys believe in the illuminati? if they exist then no question bush gets a 2nd term ... and ken lay will be acquitted.

dr. mario?? you're going down sista!