Thursday, October 21, 2004

when i get older, losing my hair
many years from now
will you still be sending me a valentine
birthday wishes, bottles of wine

~by only the best band in the world ever
the beatles

< whine >i'm so cranky! work is busy, the loft is still messy, i bought fabric to make drapes only yesterday and i haven't worked out in over 2 months now. the lack of exercise has really stifled my energy levels and i feel to lethargic. my brain isn't working either - i'm such a scatterbrain at work and my motor skills have diminished. this may also be b/c i haven't read a novel since may and i haven't played any instruments since january. ugh. i have to do something about this! and then i think about how i'm cranky and i hate myself for being cranky b/c i should be happy and grateful.< /whine >

i think this weekend i'm going to hog the theatre room in our building and watch 'chunking express' and 'umbrellas of cherbourg' - that is if i can finish the curtains that will be 8' high by 7.5' wide...each. aaah

this is so cute! i can't wait for the us election, i'm more obsessed and interested in it than the canadian one. although in retrospect when the pundits were predicting that stephen harper would be the next PM i did have thoughts of leaving the country...ya~ i was pretty obsessed with our election too.

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