Friday, October 29, 2004

i've enrolled in two knitting classes! unfortunately my barter proposal fell through (i was hoping that i could create a small website for them in exchange for several classes), nonetheless i'll be learning to create a scarf and a lacy shawl! both classes are aimed for beginners and will be held at the toronto knit café - a really cute cafe which just opened up that sells wool, knitting needles, lattes and tea. every tuesday they have a 'stitch and bitch' session. hopefully i can become good enough to take their wool felting class. very cool stuff.

i've found some other things that i'd like to attempt in the near future:

  • submit a proposal to the artomat
  • submit something to look look magazine (although i don't know what yet)
  • make some aozora magnets ('member those magnets you had b?)

picking up lots of photos tomorrow, including my world toy camera day shots (can you believe that some people took 40-60 shots on sat!?). i'm also going to finally be getting my last remaining wisdom tooth extracted. i've been plagued with teeth trouble recently and had a filling fixed. the sad thing is the tooth that was recently fixed is now a little wiggly! i hate having bad teeth, dentures are really appealing right now.


[The User] said...

Good for you for trying to barter! That's great. We definitely need more bartering in our hyper-consumer culture.

Can't wait to see your WTCD photos!! Happy scarf making.


Anonymous said...

Knitting already, granny?

Myae said...

I've heard of "stitch and bitch" on tv. very cool
I hope I'll be getting a very warm scarf for christmas.