Tuesday, December 30, 2008

bittersweet night part II

almost two months later, i'm facing another bittersweet night. tomorrow night is elmo's last night with us before he goes on trial adoption for the second time.

knowing how hard it was the first time, i know it's going to be even harder this time. especially since elmo has lived with us for 3 months now.

sadly, with most of our efforts invested in trying to train elmo, duke has taken a back seat and regressed. we're having more howling bouts and he's become sensitive to dogs on the street again.

and although it is so fun to watch them play fetch and howl their hearts out, walking with two scent hounds can be quite the challenge! my eagle eyes can't always spot the mouldy pieces of rye bread or discarded chicken bones.... or dismembered bird wings.

elmo deserves a family that can give 100% effort into training him, not only for his separation anxiety but also for all the small day to day things as well.

this time, i think we've found the right family.


Sami Lama said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that Duke gets a good home. But I know you guys will miss him terribly.

On another note, while it is cute, that pic of Duke and Elmos also looks a little ... em ... dirty ...

happyd said...

oh... it's Elmo that left to live with his new family. so far so good, though!! i'm so relieved :)

he's such a special dog and he's found a really special family that is going to work on his separation anxiety.

and THANK YOU! you are the first person (other than andre and i) that pointed out the wee wee factor. it's too hilarious!