Thursday, December 18, 2008

what's wrong with me?


i don't know what my problem is these days. i'm just feeling super blue, unproductive, disorganized and on top of all that short tempered. and i hate the fact that i'm feeling this way!
  • my christmas cards are just going out
  • my online portfolio is sorely out of date
  • i still have some christmas shopping to do
  • i haven't started on my marketing project that i want to send out in january
  • i get mad at my poor dogs when they start pulling and 'hunting' on our walks
  • i'm annoyed with my messy, messy desk and cluttered living room but don't do anything about it
  • all the news about the economy pisses me off
perhaps the renovations, dust, banging and drilling is getting to me. or maybe it's the holidays...or maybe i just need a vacation! whatever it is, i just want these gross feelings to stop.

photo: bougainvillea from andre, trying to cheer me up

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