Friday, December 12, 2008

the suzuki diaries

wind farm 01

just wanted to share a link to a great mini-site for a nature of things episode of a trip to europe that david suzuki and his daughter sarika made this summer: the suzuki diaries.

it has a great travelogue of their trip written by sarika, videos of the episode and suggestions on how we can incorporate some of the wonderful environmentally sustainable things that people in denmark, germany (the most environmentally friendly country in the world), france and spain are doing.

a recap of things i found inspiring:

  • germany has already met their sustainable energy targets for 2010, harvesting energy from the sun and wind

  • germany's sustainable energy sector is the fastest growing industry in the country, employing more than 200,000 (300,000?) people

  • 36% of copenhagen commuters ride to work (the city wants to increase that to 50%). watch the online video, the images of all the cyclists in the city is truly amazing (and very chic).

  • new buildings in spain must have photovoltaic technology and solar hot water heating systems

canadians really need to step up and start changing the way we live. we are seeing the effects of global warming right here, in our own country yet we aren't making any drastic changes stop it.

and this includes me too. one of my new year's resolutions has to include some type of environmental action item.

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