Friday, February 19, 2010

we're now a three beagle household!

fungao = sleep in chinese

.... at least temporarily. cooper is staying with us (along with his parents) while his parents look for a home in toronto! he is finally reunited with his BFF duke.

after a day of getting used to his new surroundings it's back to wrestle mania with duke! but poor petey - he was probably never socialized as a puppy and doesn't know how to play with dogs. he can't engage with cooper when cooper tries to invite petey to play and howls and duke and cooper when their wrestling gets intense.

hopefully slowly, he will learn that wrestling isn't a bad thing.

welcome to toronto cooper! don't worry, those loud streetcars (aka trams) won't hurt you and you'll get used to them in no time.

in other doggie news, several months ago i noticed that my friend had a friend on facebook with a beagle in her profile photo. i just had to introduce myself! turns out she's a big doggie lover and we're going to meet up when duke and i are back in vancouver.

she has an incredibly cute website and a blog about her dogs that she updates frequently: puppy jones

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Grace said...

Wow, lucky you! 3 beagles! You must be busy :) I'm sure Duke and Cooper will teach Petey all about play soon enough!

BTW thanks so for the shout out! xo