Wednesday, July 22, 2009

we're a 2 beagle household again!


petey was found as a stray up north, but due to a vet nipping incident couldn't return to the shelter that he was staying at while waiting for his forever home. the policy at the shelter is to not adopt out dogs that have a biting history.... but marna and the group at big on beagles knew that the nipping was probably due to stress and didn't want to give up on this little guy!

petey's time at the shelter was running out and a second urgent call for a foster family was sent out so andre and i jumped on the chance to be his foster parents.

and what a sweetie!! petey has no training whatsoever, but he has a lot of potential!

petey, we're going to teach you some house pet manners and find you a home that loves you as much as elmo's family loves him!

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