Sunday, July 26, 2009

my hydrangea

now that i don't do container gardening in a contained, well draining balcony, i've learned so much!

i know people don't like all the rain that we've been getting in toronto, but it has been great for my vegetable garden and my hydrangea (pictured above).

i did kill a 'nelly moser' climatis, but i'll try again because climatis flowers are so beautiful! i was heeding my mother's advice of shady root environment and sunny vine location, but i didn't realize just how sensitive this plant is to watering! during one of he heat waves in june, after not watering for 3 days, i noticed that the leaves had completely withered and despite being brought back to life, the damage was already done and my climatis died a slow and painful death of browning leaves.

not to worry, i think i'll purchase another plant and get it settled in the fall. hopefully if all goes well it will start growing in the spring next year!

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