Wednesday, January 6, 2010

toronto girls' cupcake ride

i want to start a cupcake ride in toronto, much like the ones in nashville and paris.

these rides (at least the nashville one) are comprised of cupcake eating and bike riding.

it's probably due to the weather, but finding members is harder than i thought. or perhaps there aren't a lot of fixie or single speed girl riders in toronto ... yet. either way, my dreams of having a ride before the first snowfall were dashed this past week.

so now i'm looking towards the spring for the inaugural ride. i wonder if the weather will cooperate and allow me to organize one cupcake ride before i head off to vancouver? keeping cranks crossed!

edit: it might help if i actually provided the link!


Duncan said...
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Duncan said...

Good idea. You may be able to connect with cyclists and set up a Cupcake Ride in Toronto using the new Biking Toronto members site.

happyd said...

Thanks Duncan!!

Anonymous said...

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