Friday, January 1, 2010

devon in november

"the library" front view

i think i've mentioned the landmark trust before -- they are a charity that restores beautiful old buildings and then rents them out to the public. all profits return to the trust so that they can continue their work of rescuing architecturally amazing buildings.

"the library" was our third landmark (the first was "prospect tower" where we stayed after we were married; the second "woodsford castle" to celebrate dom's dad's 70th birthday). situated in sometimes stormy devon (heavy rain and winds for nearly three days straight!) we took advantage of the slashed winter prices and stayed for a relaxing long weekend.


set in the middle of the countryside -- no internet, phone reception, t.v., or music players of any kind -- there's gloriously nothing to do but snuggle up in front of the fire, snack on scones with clotted cream, and read a book (although confession: i did bring my ancient ibook so that we could listen to some music and watch some dvds!).

visiting this countryside in early winter, i'll always remember the trees with their bare branches stretching towards the sky at 45-degree angles, bent in the direction of the wind. and we did brave the weather to do a bit of sightseeing...

tintagel in cornwall and the remains of "merlin's castle"


it's incredible to think a castle once perched perilously amongst these rain-beaten hills while the sea raged close below. not a lot of pics, i'm afraid -- i was too wet and cold to bother -- but you can see the remains of the castle wall in the distance on the left cliff.

a historic traffic-free fishing village clinging to the side of a cliff in north devon. the steep descent to the sea can be treacherous in the rain as all the streets are made of cobblestones, but it really was very charming!



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