Wednesday, January 20, 2010

spec work

rejected mockup

these are two graphic theme/logo mockups that i created for one of my clients that never ended up being used because they decided to stick with the same firm that they worked with in previous years.

as a rule, i never do spec work (speculative work) - ever. i always give the example, 'would you ask an accountant to do part of your taxes just to see how much money they can save you? or would you ask a lawyer to present strategies for a case and hire them only if they come up with something you like?"

this time, however, seeing that the request came from an existing client, i went ahead and did it. i don't regret doing it,i'm just not sure how i feel about taking on this type of spec work. especially since they are a client that i want to continue cultivating a relationship with.

either way, i enjoyed created these images and since they aren't being used, thought i'd share them. can you guess which books they represent? since the bottom one is more obvious, here is a hint for the top book: it's a giller prize winner.

anyway, here are some links on spec work:


Anonymous said...

I like them!!

And how did an add get posted on your blog?

happyd said...


We keep on getting spammed lately!!

I might have to reinstall the verification thingy....