Sunday, July 27, 2008

worth remembering

overheard in a mango fitting room:

girl no. 1: i want to get a tattoo of a paintbrush. probably behind my ear.

girl no. 2: really?? wow, what if you get bored of it? and why a paintbrush?

girl no. 1: no, i wouldn't get bored of it. you know, i always end up listening to the same rubbish music on the radio or whatever, just cuz i'm too lazy to find anything good. and sometimes when i actually take the time to find an old cd or i happen to listen to a band i really love and used to listen to a lot, i just think, WOW, why do i spend all my time listening to rubbish when there's such great music out there, ya know?

girl no. 2: yah, sure.

girl no. 1: and then i try really hard to remember to take the time to listen to stuff i really like and to find new stuff that's good. and i feel that way about painting. i spend so much time doing nothing, i really don't know where the time goes. so instead of watching rubbish tv or wasting my time some other way, i want to spend more time painting and drawing, because i really do love it! that's why i want to get a tattoo of a paintbrush – maybe it'll help to remind me to keep painting.

thought-to-self: hmm, not a bad idea! too bad the tattoo will be behind her ear, so she won't really ever get to see it... nevertheless, i applaud the sentiment. and i know exactly what she means.

photo: ugly doll and totoro watching rubbish tv. they're a very bad influence.

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Anonymous said...

Exactly. The first thought that came to mind is "idiot, it's behind your is it going to remind you of anything?"