Friday, July 11, 2008

june lillies
we've had a very vancouver summer so far in toronto. june brought a lot of rain, which seemed to bug a lot of people, but kept me quite happy. all the precipitation keeps the city lush and relatively clean. the grass is still green and not dried up and brown compared to this time last year!

in two weeks we will leave our condo lifestyle and move into our house! i'm a bit nervous but also very excited.

maybe because of the doom and gloom reports about our economy and the housing market, but since we listed and sold our unit, 4 other units have listed and 2 have sold in our building. i guess everybody is cashing in before the impending housing market crash.

in the meantime, andre and i will be heading over to québec city to celebrate Le 400e anniversaire de la ville de Québec! paul mccartney is going to perform for free on the plains of abraham. i'm hoping he'll play more beatles and less wings, but i'll take anything (even ebony and ivory)! it's paul mccartney after all a living legend.

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