Tuesday, July 15, 2008

dr. sketchy's anti-art school

1 min and 5 min drawings

andre's sketches
andre's drawings

finally!! i made it to a dr. sketchy's session. orginally started by molly crabapple in nyc, dr. sketchy's is an alterna life-drawing class where models are usually burlesque or exotic dancers and the sessions have wacky contests for prizes. sessions are usually held in bars so you can drink and draw!

i was intrigued when a few of my favourite artists talked about attending dr. sketchy sessions in the states. and needless to say, very excited when one started in toronto.

it was a fun 3 hour drawing session, especially since andre came out. (we made up for all the evil glares and mean jabs we made to each other back in our high school art class.) dom rounded out our trio and some of our sketches were done on old time cards that i found outside a restaurant 2 years ago (the bag of time cards probably weighed 30 lbs and lugged it home on a route that was probably about 3 kms).

our model for the night was laura selenzi, a belly dancer with gorgeous costumes.

andre and i have decided to attend regularly. i'll definitely be there if they can bring back past models like coco framboise or mina lafleur (her resemblance to dita von tesse is uncanny!).

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