Sunday, August 7, 2005

a nice weekend just chilling with friends, i think people find the temperatures a bit more bearable these days with the rains alleviating a lot of the humidity. last night we spent the evening talking and laughing on a balcony of the george weston house on historic palmerston blvd. the house, like many turn of the century houses in the annex district, has been converted into apartments, but has retained the beautiful foyer and main, wooden staircase. the lobby area even has a 'g' and 'w' monogram created out of tiles.

tonight i made a pretty successful attempt at hiyashi chuka (japanese style, cold chinese noodles). i think i did ok, but next time i'll have to add a bit more vinegar to the sauce (kakejiru). a friend brought sake and another couple brought daifuku for dessert. a very japanese evening indeed!

some cool canadian chicks:

  • esthero's follow up album is finally released! a departure from the moody first album, with stronger social commentaries and colabos with sean lennon and andre 3000.
  • i've been keeping my eye on jillian tamaki since i saw her illos in the applied arts illustration & photography annual last year. her illos always have so much detail and great colour schemes. you can see her illos in the arts & entertainment section of (i've been visiting almost daily to see if there are any new jillian illos) and magazines like bust and the new yorker. wow!
  • ... and you can't get any cooler or cuter than metric, well unless you are feist.


Anonymous said...

i spent the weekend searching for stores around vancovuer that sells "noren" door curtains. i cant seem to find any... which lead me back to ebay. X-|


flower87 said...

oh nice! very summery~ :)

happyd said...

oh~ i would have NO idea where you could purchase something like that in vancouver, psycho, unless you make it yourself.

i associate, dirty, grimy kitchens with those things b/c they are usually hung between kitchen doors and oil and dust always makes those things dirty.

i'll make hiyashi chuuka for you hannah-chan!

Myae said...

I love the picture of the old man!!!
and I love how you put mosaic on the profanities

Anonymous said...

:-) Now that looks sooo good! Can I get that daifuku here?