Saturday, August 20, 2005

the mystery seed that 'a' planted at the you grow girl book launch party was a sunflower. which is a funny coincidence b/c along w/ my cosmos seeds, i sowed sunflowers too. three out of the four are developing heads, so hopefully i will have 3 more nice sunflowers blossoming on my balcony.

although, i'm probably jinxing my sunflowers by assuming that they'll bloom. earlier in the summer i thought i would have a bountiful harvest of tomatoes, but instead i only have 2-3 tomatoes on each of the plants. booo

lessons learned from my first year of balcony gardening is that plants need bigger planters!


Anonymous said...

And here I was all ready to pester you about not updating. Disappointed that your mystery plant didn't turn out to be a little more medicinal? Maybe next year, dear :-)

Post more regularly! You're becoming as mysterious as your other sisters

flower87 said...

cute! nice sunflower! Maybe you can keep the seeds to plant for next year! Cosmos? Natsukashii :D

happyd said...

hehehe good! if pestered, my spiteful nature will come out and i won't update :P

there are no buds on teh cosmos plant. i might pull out the tomato plants in there so that it can start growing flowers!!