Saturday, June 18, 2005

i think that mortification alters your perception of reality - at least temporarily. i went blading by the lakeshore, after not blading for over 1 year, on new inline skates. i only had one minor spill to my name after blading around richmond and vancouver for years. today, however, i took the worst tumble of my life.

when i was recounting my fall to a friend over the phone i told her that i took a bad fall infront a big group of people, to which my friend who i was blading with corrected by saying, 'one person'. one person!? i was certain that there was a big group of people walking along the trail in the opposite direction. i also thought that they all gasped loudly as i yelped before hitting the concrete.

oh well minor details; i'm just lucky that it was my knee pad and wrist pads that were totally gashed and not my knees and palms. i survived this scrape with one cut on the inside of my index knuckle and some bruises (don't you just love puns?). no big patches of peeled skin or bits of gravel lodged into flesh - phewf.


Myae said...

Yay first to comment!!

ouch! how scary....
Glad you only got away with bruises and not huge cuts.

Would like to see a picture of your cool new blades though~

Anonymous said...

:-) Maybe you hit your head?

Glad you're ok

Why the sausage factory?

bianca said...

oh man, total bridget moment!