Saturday, June 11, 2005

and a five, six, seven, eight!

mad hot ballroom is one of the best documentaries i've ever watched. the film follows several fifth grade kids in the new york public school system who must take part in a 10 week ballroom dancing class. unwillingness and reluctance (i don't wanna look into a girl's eyes!) turns to determination and enthusiasm as the promising dancers in each of the classes get picked to represent the schools in a dance competition. so many of these kids went from awkward and clumsy to smooth, sharp (and i must dare say) sexy.

the kids are mature enough to discuss serious topics but haven't inherited the self-consciousness that high-school and puberty bring. their conversations are candid and very funny. i laughed, cried and cheered - such an endearing movie!

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Anonymous said...

Sexy 5th graders???

I wonder if ballroom will become the next fad. They had a realtiy show with "stars" partnering with professional ballroom dancers in a competiton. Go fig.

My mother keeps telling me to learn...saying that the girls will find that attractive. Eh??