Thursday, June 9, 2005


sit aibo, sit!
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illo friday topic: digital

glorious, hot summer thank you for finally coming to toronto. i've missed you and it's been quite a while since you were here.

it's so nice that i can sit on the patio or balcony outside well after the sun has gone down and not have to wear a cardigan. it's so nice that all my cold drinks get covered in condensation making it look like something out of a pop drink ad.

it's just so damn nice! i think i really do well in 27-32 degree celsius temperatures.


Myae said...

What happened to Vancouver's summer?
It came and went away! :(

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I bet the person is a robot too :-)

How you can stand the heat...i'll never understand.

Glad you've finally updated!!!

Toyebot said...

Very cute Happy D!

happyd said...

thanks mr. toye :)

ya summer is great here... although i think i got sunburnt again ... even though i put spf 45 sunblock! god i hope i don't get skin cancer.