Wednesday, February 22, 2012

more from the happiness advantage




I'm almost finish the Happiness Advantage audiobook. In the most recent chapters Shawn Achor talks about why will power doesn't work.

• will power takes brain power, making you tired and affecting your performance on other tasks
• instead of using will power to change habits, use the 20 sec rule
• create a 'path of least resistance' to whatever habit forming thing you want to accomplish

There are many more things that are great tidbits to remember, but I guess what I found fascinating about this audiobook is that because Achor is an academic, he uses study after study to prove all his points instead of just relying on personal experience.

Three Good Things
1. Duke and Petey didn't eat ANY garbage on the streets during our evening walk
2. Dosa Mahal for lunch <3
3. Andre's TV spot on eTalk

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shana said...

Petey and Duke looks adorable and angelic here - of course they didn't eat any garbage!

I love the new blog layout - it's gorgeous!