Friday, June 3, 2011

more swimming updates

I was looking at cute sloth videos when I stumbled upon a video of a sloth swimming (oh and I think it's pretty cool that they use Canadian, Kid Koala's song for the video)!! So I've decided to make the swimming sloth my mascot! I'm trying to keep this image of a calm sloth swimming while I swim so that I don't start panicking the minute I get a little bit of water in my mouth.

This swimming thing is going to be an uphill battle for me I think. AND a week after I get a 3 month pass for the length swim at my community, they post up notices that the pool is going to be closed for a little over 2 weeks for maintenance. Great.

The other thing is my extreme dry eyes flared up again because of all the showering with contacts I was doing last week so I swam without contacts today and I ended up regressing with my progress. In total I swam about 6 laps in 20 minutes with less down time between laps, but I went back to only being able to swim 0.5 laps doing the front crawl. Very frustrating.

SessionDateNo. of Laps at one go Notes
1Sat. May 210.5totally winded at 1/2 way mark
2Mon May 240.5mental block stopping me from swimming more the 1/2 way
3Fri May 271!! 
4Fri June 30.5no swimming with contacts

To cheer myself up I'll watch this video too:

... to be continued ...

1 comment:

Hannah said...

Can you ask for a partial refund or extension on the pass due to the closure?
This is so funny. I especially liked the part where the sloth goes spread eagle and freezes while most animals will start flailing to get away!