Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Swimming Log

double exposure

Andre, Shana and I have signed up to do a mini Triathlon in August.

The running part and biking part is easy!! 2.5 or 2 kms running and 10km biking on a flat terrain - with a little training, it will be doable and maybe even fun! .... BUT the swimming part (which comes first) is 350 metres. In Lake Ontario.

It wasn't until I visited Hawaii and tried snorkeling in the ocean with Andre that I realized that I have a drowning phobia. I almost had a panic attack when I swam out with Andre and lost a fin. Andre volunteered to dive down to get it but I freaked out when I saw how far it had fallen to and not only was I scared because I can't tread water, but I was worried that Andre would drown too. I lost the little logical mental capabilities I had and decided I had to leave the situation ASAP and swam on my back all the way back to the beach.

Not a good situation to be in for swimming in a lake that was once mistaken to be the Pacific, right?

So I went to the my local community centre pool on Saturday to try to get comfortable enough to be able to eventually swim more than 350 metres. I was talking to the life gaurd and she said that 350 metres is approx. 15 laps and that I should make it 20 laps if I'm going to be swimming in Lake Ontario. I think this summer I'll use this space to log my swimming progress.

SessionDateNo. of Laps at one go Notes
1Sat. May 210.5totally winded at 1/2 way mark
2Mon May 240.5mental block stopping me from swimming more the 1/2 way

What I find really frustrating is that my community pool is frequented by seniors and old people, who if I saw them on the street wouldn't think they were in good shape, but they are! They can swim lap after lap without being too out of breath. And there I am, huffing and puffing at the end of the pool after one lap. wwwwhhhhhyy??

To be continued....


Shana said...

I'm so proud of you!

I'm still trying to get up hills on my bike or through big intersections without getting off and walking.....

I'm going to start tackling swimming this Saturday!

happyd said...

Thanks Shana!!! <3

How did you swimming session go?