Tuesday, October 26, 2010


homemade canned goodness!

i have a secret to share. i have a strange nickname - it's pickle.

andre gave me that nickname because i love pickles. all sorts of pickles.

in japan there are so many different types of pickles and so many different vegetables get pickled. but my love for pickles isn't exclusive to japanese ones, i even love the lightly picked radish and carrots that you get at pho restaurants. that being said, dill pickles are at the top of my list (but only when it's home made - i hate those mushy ones at delis or sandwich shops).

so when shana presented me with her homemade, canned dill pickles in exchange for my crab apples, i could have cried.

my mom used to make homemade dill pickles but for some reason when i got into high school she stopped canning things. shana's pickles remind me of my mom's recipe. yum yum. i've been eating them as a snack these past 2 days.

maybe next year, i can sweet talk my way to get shana to teach me how to pickle!

jars of yum


Shana said...

Awwww I'm so glad - I should give you more - I made 16 jars and I have a confession - Glenn doesn't like pickles - of any kind! There are way more than I can ever eat - but it's like an obsession now!

You are welcome to come can with me anytime - I'm making pickled carrots later in December for Xmas gifties - you are welcome to come over!

Laura said...

I have also had a Shana pickle, but we ran out once the baby starting eating them all. She likes them too.

happyd said...

Glenn doesn't like pickles? How can that be??? I can't comprehend!!

I would love to be your culinary assistant when you pickle carrots! Did you know that Gwyneth Paltrow has a culinary assistant?

Hi Laura! I'm not surprised your baby loves Shana pickles :)

Shana said...

last weekend in Nov or first weekend in Dec wanna come round and we can pickle carrots and beets?

Nom nom nom.