Tuesday, November 17, 2009

house project update - kitchen part III

looking from the kitchen

looking from the dining room


my hydrangea

nail gun!

i keep on forgetting to post these photos. aside from a backsplash our kitchen has been completed for several months now and our hardwood floors are down as well. to think that just a year ago our kitchen looked like this and this.

this past weekend andre and i went to factory tile depot to pick out tiles for the bathroom. it is dry walled and painted!

our renovations are moving much faster than anticipated but there is still lots to do.... we're right on track to having a reno free house in 2012.


illustrationist said...

Wow, you two have done lots. But while reno-free is possible, it's not ever-lasting. One of our friends calls it "the constant struggle". Time (and fashion) are not your friends. Our kitchen was the bee's knees 13 years ago, but now, as you saw, things could sure using some fixing around here. There'll always be something, if not to be reno'd, to be fixed.

But having said that reno-free for two, three, five! years will do just fine! What an accomplishment!

Elisabelle said...

It looks great:)

Anonymous said...

It has a very clean look to it

happyd said...

thanks guys!

peter: your kitchen still looks very nice since you guys went with a traditional feel.

but yes, i guess there will always be 'something'