Sunday, August 10, 2008

pattern haven and an eco audit

kitchen wall

pattern haven

our new house is a pattern sanctuary for old, retired patterns and textures. for now they co-exist peacefully and congregate in the kitchen area. their time on earth is numbered, but many of them have told me that they have lived long and fulfilling lives, so they aren't afraid of leaving.

today we had an eco audit done on our house by green tech, a non-profit energy/eco assessment company. after the report is filed by the auditor, we have 18 months to upgrade items in our house like appliances, toilets, windows and also to better insulate the house so that we can achieve a better score for energy efficiency.

the amazing thing about getting an eco audit done is that not only do get educated on the items that can be changed to save energy (thereby saving money on electricity and hydro bills), but we were walked through a tonne of rebates that the federal and ontario goverments are giving away on upgraded items.

for example, if you want to get a cheap low-flow toilet for $90, you can apply for a $100 rebate just for upgrading your toilet which ends up making the toilet free. you can then revel in the lower water bills after the toilet is installed.

with all these rebates, i'm surprised more home owners aren't taking advantage of this program! you don't need to be a tree hugger to want to save money, non?


Sam said...

Just curious - approx how much does an ecoaudit cost? A few of us on our street may do this and I am in the process of researching the various companies that offer this service.


gilda said...

that's your HOUSE???? those tiles are really beautiful!!! i love them and i love how well they look together! how pretty. even the light switch cover is amazing!