Monday, August 4, 2008

le 400e anniversaire de la ville de québec

moules et frites

my first time in charming québec city! due to the festivities, hotel prices were jacked up so we stayed 30 minutes outside of the city in beaupré, right at the foot of mont sainte anne.

with the exception of the paul mccartney concert, we didn't have an itinerary so we walked around the city aimlessly. this is my favourite way of exploring a city because it makes the things you encounter to be so serendipitous. we stumbled upon a cute gallery that was showcasing local québec artists, nice cozy restaurants and ventured around an interesting residential area where the townhouses must have been older than 200 years (see last photo).

the people of québec city were really nice as well - patiently making small talk en français with us, yet not hesitating to pull out their perfect anglais whenever we got stuck.

happy 400th anniversary québec! you are a true canadian gem :) (i mean it!)


Sami Lama said...

Nice pics from Quebec City. The ones of the frites are making my mouth water!

Anonymous said...

Good for you for making an effort on the French front... I don't think I could get by with my French

happyd said...

thanks sam! let's order frites when we have our get together in a couple of weeks!

well... it wasn't like we spoke french ALL the time when we were there.