Wednesday, October 21, 2009

we are a sad lot

cone head

sad paw part II

sad paw part II

duke broke a paw nail (again! argh) that had to be removed and i've come down with another stye (the 2nd in two years).

if misery loves company, i'm right where i belong!

i'm not sure how common styes are, but if you ever get one, apparently the best remedy is a hot compress applied several times a day since ointments and medicine don't work as well! for me, while working onsite, bringing a face cloth to the studio just didn't seem hygienic, so instead i just cupped my hands and repeatedly applied warm/hot water to the affected area.

please go away, please, please. i hate you, stye.


Anonymous said...

That's the saddest lamp shade I've ever seen

illustrationist said...

As Dug said in Up, "I don't like the Cone of Shame."