Sunday, October 18, 2009

the little boots report

i forgot my camera for the little boots concert, so i decided to draw a little report instead.

sadly her très cool tenori-on instrument malfunctioned and we couldn't see her use it live, but none the less the show was super fun.

what totally bugged me, though, is the number of people who insist on taking sh*tty photos with their iphones or use their flash with their point and shoot cameras. do they think that if they keep on trying to take photos without changing the setting of their camera, they'll magically get a different result the next time? excuse me, but you are totally obscuring the view for the vertically challenged!

i tried taking one photo with my cellphone and realized the futility of it:

anyway, i consider little boots an electronica genius of sorts. here is she is covering hot chip's 'ready for the floor' and recreating every element of the song except the vocals on her tenori-on:

and then!! check her out on jools holland, where she manages to play the baseline and other song elements all the while singing the melody of her song 'meddle' and play the piano. it's pretty amazing:


bianca said...

HEY i've got tix to see little boots in london in december! i had no idea she had made it across the pond, that's so cool. she's so talented (especially for someone so young!) -- a really well-developed and mature sound already, i think.

i'll give a report from this side, too!

ditto comment for the people taking pics with flash -- argh, sooooo annoying!

happyd said...

oh, what can i say, after all these years we still have impeccable taste in music, wouldn't you say?


yes, a report is definitely in order :)

Anonymous said...

what's an f stop? and what's the deal with shutter speed?