Tuesday, September 8, 2009

view from ferris wheel 2

view from ferris wheel 1

this year i went to the cne twice! aaah, i love the ex - even if it means the end of summer.

the first time was with my book club girls and it was a total fair grub binge! so i got my fill of tiny tom donuts (who knew they had a website!) and waffle ice cream sandwiches. we even shared a plate of the infamous chocolate covered bacon.

the second time was with andre and we went on all the rides - my favourite is still the mega drop but the bonzai (technically it should be spelled bAnzai...) was really fun and scary as well.

and of course, as it is an annual custom for andre and i, we went to the superdogs show and cheered our hearts out. especially since our teacher from duke's obedience class and our behaviourist were in the show with their dogs.


Anonymous said...

chocolate covered bacon, eh... yuck

happyd said...

execution wasn't the best, but if the chocolate was a higher grade and the bacon crispier it would have been deeelish!