Friday, September 11, 2009

beagle photo spam!

my darling duke

sweet pete

beagle book ends

it took about a month, but petey is finally comfortable enough to share the dog sofa (aka the dirty sofa) with duke. previously, he would wait for duke to leave the couch to sleep on it or he'd hop up if duke was elsewhere.

two days ago, they were actually sharing a small dog bed together!

in other doggy news, andre has started his dog training business. it's called when hounds fly and while he is in training (he got accepted into the prestigious karen pryor academy, founded by the creator of clicker training - aka- modern animal training) he is donating his training fees to rescue organizations.

i'll share the business cards i created for him soon!

in the meantime, perhaps you'd be interested in reading about why andre is pursuing dog training?


bianca said...

i love your pics of the boys! they always cheer me up!

on my way to and from the tube station every day i walk through a park, and if i'm lucky i see the beagle owners out with their dogs. there's one that's really well trained (he's always off leash) and another older couple who i think are new owners to 2 beagles (they have slightly less control and the dogs are always on leash!). it never fails to makes me smile when i'm approaching the park and i can spot the beagle tails pointing straight into the air from a distance!

good luck to andre with his new venture!

Hannah said...

Andre no website mimashita yo. Yoku iku to iine~!