Monday, April 20, 2009

white chocolate

lazy oaf!

mango buttercream cupcakes!

this weekend myae and i celebrated our april birthdays. we chose a weekend date that was in between our aries and taurus birthdays. it was a lot of fun and filled with a lot of food.

photos: shots of some of the more photogenic prezzies i received. cupcakes were courtesy of marzipan cake design (pssst, i did her website!). the mango buttercream icing was amazingly divine.

ideally, i would now start a strict diet and daily exercise regimen. ha!!


bianca said...

ooo, did you do the website in exchange for cupcakes?? i would be up for that! or pancakes... or chocolates... ;)

happy birthday!

happyd said...

:) no but that definitely is a possibility.

that buttercream was to die for.