Monday, April 13, 2009

kitchen - part II - sneak peek

no more yucky drawers

not for the vertically challenged

andre's handywork

a quick kitchen update!! andre has been working tirelessly and getting sick because of this house project, but our kitchen is almost done! this is how it used to look like.

we installed our ikea cabinets and the counter people came and installed quartz countertops - which means we have a working kitchen! i can't help but daydream that i'm giada or anna with my own tv show when i'm preparing even the quickest of meals in this new kitchen.

the trim went up this weekend and now we just have to install the last remaining cabinet doors, cover up the nail holes in the trim and we are almost there.

what's remaining:
• finding a pendant lamp for above the sink
• buying the backsplash tiles and putting them up


bianca said...

wow, your kitchen design is really similar to what we're getting! white countertops, white cabinets and long thin handles. i think even our tap is similar! our kitchen cabintes arrive in june... can't wait!!!

Sami Lama said...

Kitchen's looking sharp. Nice work! I think we have the same (or at least very similar) faucet.

happyd said...

b: that is so funny!! i'm so relieved we have a working kitchen again.

sami: i must say your kitchen was an inspiration for our's :)