Tuesday, February 24, 2009


i feel like vancouver is always rejuvenation time for me with the fresh, moist ocean air, the healthy home cooked japanese food, the warmer weather, the slower pace and the friendly faces. here is my ultimate vancouver list:
  • hang out with おばあちゃん (oba-chan)
  • hang out with the westcoast hashimoto's
  • gorge on japanese food (non-sushi)
  • sushi!
  • the vag
  • steveston fish and chips
  • denise's candlelight yoga
  • play piano
  • lori & dash
  • the naam
  • modern club
  • skate the olympic oval
  • aimless skytrain riding
  • matcha lattés
  • nhk
  • jericho beach
  • occupied shoppe
  • green tea bubble tea
  • main st.
  • galleries
this might be a slightly unrealizable list, but i'm sure i'll be able to put a big dent into it. 2 more sleeps.

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Sami Lama said...

While I love TO, I do miss some things about Van like Jericho Beach, VAG (sounds sort of dirty don't you think?) and Granville Island. I also miss sushi as I have given it up last year based on the fact that most species used are not sustainably fished. Tuna is very very bad. But I loved it so!!!