Friday, February 13, 2009

basement bathroom sneak peek

long subway tiles

shower stall sneak peek

'jellybean' mirror

the silicone is curing, but the walls have been primed and painted and tiles have been grouted. i always take care of finishing the dry wall (sanding/mudding/priming/painting)and andre, well he takes care of everything else.

this room is now officially the nicest room in the house. full photos to come after all the green tape is removed!


Anna at D16 said...

hyedie, your tile is gorgeous!! I love the proportions, and the flat edge is just perfect. Very nice!!

gilda said...

omg you guys are like hgtv! (do you know it? it's like some home network thing) i love it! love the tiles! please come to my house! haha.

happyd said...

thanks anna! that means a lot coming from you :)

hey gilda! yup we get HGTV up here in canada too. in fact most of time our tv is tune to that station. come visit us if you are ever in toronto.