Sunday, January 25, 2009

super easy udon for a chilly day


brrr! the windchill factor in toronto is making dog walks almost unbearable. warm soups and stews are on heavy rotation on the stovetop!

i recently discovered a quick and easy way to make a nicely flavoured broth of udon soup without having to slave over a boiling pot of chicken bones. here's what you'll need (i'm not a very precise cook, everything is done visually and inspected with my tastebuds):

- sesame oil
- a bunch of sliced shiitake mushrooms (1 handful per person)
- any sort of asian leafy green (1 handful per person)
- cans of chicken stock (1 per person)

  1. heat sauce pan and circle the pan two times with sesame oil

  2. sautée shiitake mushrooms until soft and set aside if pan frying meatballs or other protein

  3. (optional) make some pork meatballs and sautée in same pan

  4. don't rinse pan and add cans of chicken broth and bring to simmer

  5. add mushrooms, protein, carrots

  6. start boiling udon noodles

  7. while straining noodles, add leafy greens to broth to soften

  8. pour broth over noodles, serve piping hot!

my friend suzie started a food blog. she is an amazing baker who also bakes the yummiest bread: the hungarian girl.


lisamarie said...

you rock, i am so making this!

Suzanne said...

This looks great. I will give it a try. :)