Thursday, January 8, 2009

squeek squeek squeek

a great start to the weekend

it will be a week tomorrow since elmo moved to live with his new family! they already love him so much and say that things are going well. even though we do miss him terribly, andre and i couldn't be happier. i can't help but think it was fate that the first family didn't work out. now, elmo not only has a new set of parents but also an 8 year old boy to hang out with everyday.

lovely L gave me a really cute 'granted' scarf for christmas. as i was perusing the granted website and lamenting the fact that duke haaaates sweaters, i found a link to the wonderful ocean dog rescue.

ocean dog rescue flies rescued dogs from taiwan over to adopters in vancouver! apparently taiwan has a really high number of strays and abandoned dogs for a developed country - they share some sad info on the inhumane practices (animal lovers beware!!) but also inspirational stories of the rescue organizations as well.

... and on a lighter note, today i received a link to f*ck you penguin from lost at e minor. i love it! the ponies try too hard post is especially mint.

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Peter Cook said...

I thought the note at the bottom of See you in 2009, Penguin was pretty classic as well...and practical advice too.