Wednesday, September 24, 2008

totally violated

the aftermath

totally violated

in the span of about 17 hours, between duke's 1am pee break and after his evening walk i came home to find my sunflower heads missing and empty sunflower seeds at the scene of the crime!

some creature had a feast and then proceeded to steal both heads full of sunflower seeds from my backyard. i wouldn't be so upset if i wasn't planning on planting all of the seeds at the abandoned school yard that duke and i play at. grrrr. i feel so violated.

speaking of feeling violated, stephen harper is on track to being voted as prime minister again and if he wins a majority government i'll feel like i've been violated by my fellow canadians (although according this article, harper runs his minority government like a majority).

how can a person who attends more galas than 'ordinary working people' himself, use 'rich gala(s) all subsidized by taxpayers' as a reason for cutting arts funding? meanwhile, isn't he using taxpayers' money to sue the liberals?

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