Saturday, September 20, 2008


fall is in the air! the mornings have a definite chill now and the sun is setting earlier.

sadly the colder weather (and actually air conditioning as well) makes my wrists, especially the right one, achey. with all the computery stuff i do, i'm surprised i don't have full on carpal tunnel, but hopefully by keeping my wrists warm with my new wrist worms and doing wrist exercises, i won't have to deal with any sharp pains of advanced carpal tunnel.

my wristwarmers were handmade and sent here from sweden by my blog crush sandra juto, author of


illustrationist said...

Take care of your wrists Hyedie! One friend of ours, in a similar field, was on the edge of CT for months, and then (of all things) moving boxes, she finally put her right wrist over the edge in major pain territory. So, for the next two hours, she mainly used her left hand, and boom, her left went too.

She went for months having to use a voice-to-text system on her computer, and it took on long time—a month or so— to fine-tune it so that it was decently useful.

So (really, really, really) mix up your routine, and vary that wrist usage!

happyd said...

oh my god. that is so scary!!

what do you and laura do to mix up your routine?

bianca said...

yes, hyedie you need to be careful! remember my friend who had CT and couldn't open doors, use chopsticks, or even wash her hair! she had to quit her job for several months and even now, years later, is still not back to 100%.

you should go to your GP and ask them to recommend a physiotherapist who will teach you exercises you can do at home, as well monitor your progress. it's definitely worth doing -- especially as it's free!!