Sunday, May 18, 2008

teenage me meme

teenage me

my first ever meme: draw yourself as a teen that my BFF from high school introduced me to.

14 year old me was still quite insecure but hot headed. back then friendship drama was at it's peak and if i had access to a cellphone i'd be one of those people on public transit having the 'she said this and he said that, i can't believe it!' convos. i was really into japanese manga and was just realizing how much i loved art. sadly, despite trading BFF necklaces with several girls i didn't have any super close friends, other than my sisters.

17 year old me found two great girls to obsess over beatles and manga with, dream about being roomates in kitsilano, skip class at our university style high school (only meaning that teachers didn't care about attendance) and to draw and paint with.

i was lucky enough to go to a high school where we didn't have to deal with popularity cliques, school dances (no ticket sales meant that they got cancelled) and petty things like attendance records. the school spirit was so low in this high school that when i lied and said that they didn't keep track of honour roll my parents believed me.

it was nice to be in an environment where kids respected each other for being individuals instead of being worried about shallow things like the 'in' shoes. thanks to the lack of cliques, i made so many friends that in a more traditional high school setting would have been harder to do.


Anonymous said...

swimming goggles????

happyd said...

yep! ... ironically i can barely swim to save my life.

Anonymous said...

Was that fashion or were you that much of a free-spirit?