Sunday, May 25, 2008

overheard in toronto

ttc sketch: sept 14, 2007 last year i spent a good deal sketching people while riding public transit. i was never able to successfully sketch people from the front, so most of these are drawings of the backs of people's heads. i couldn't get over the uncomfortable eye contact i would get from people i would sketch from the front.

although many convos overheard on public transit can be nauseatingly annoying, sometimes you can hear some real gems. this is one great one i heard after 2 girls rollerblading hand in hand passed by:

frat boy that got a summer jobdowntown through his parent's connections #1: god i LOVE this city
frat boy that got a summer job in downtown through his parent's connections #2:ya! asian girls on rollerblades?
fbtgasjdthpc #1: ya that just makes my day.

i wish there were a toronto version of overheard in new york. i'd have so many submissions!

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