Tuesday, December 7, 2004

tonight my company held the 2nd largest fundraising event of the year. the 'being there for kids dinner' - where dinner tickets go for $400/ea and there are a plethora of auction items, games and raffles to further raise funds for our cause (a lunch date w/ kalan porter was auctioned off for $4000). approximately 3000 ppl were in attendance and the whole event was almost fully staffed with student, community and staff volunteers. the truly amazing thing is that no section of the evening was under staffed.

volunteering as part of the media team, i was the rep who stayed through the entire the meet and greet signing session with the new canadian idol, kalan porter. i must say, i got a little taste of what the whole celebrity industry must be like. the giggly girls i can handle and i actually find rather cute. it was the 30+, 50+ year old women who were going gaga over this teen pop star that really gave me goosebumps. these creepy women stood in line for over an hour to meet the canadian idol and they started acting all flustered when it was their turn to get their kalan porter headshot signed. these women were even sitting on the floor with all the other 10-13 year olds in front of the stage shrieking when he was performing (in between tables filled with c-level execs). yuck!

the other sad thing i witnessed was the management team of the new canadian idol. they seemed like bitter, jaded industry types. the minute all the fans left the media room, they started bad mouthing the fans, using 3-letter acronyms to label certain fans (although as mentioned above some were truly creepy). sad when you realize that these fans are paying for their salary.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking for the elderly community, I wish to apologize for the behavior of some of our members. Frankly, I find it shocking that some persons find it necessary to lose all sense of decorum and respectablity over local celebrity. Devolving to the actions of a teenager? It simply is not dignified!

Now if you would excuse me, I have to take my afternoon nap.