Tuesday, December 7, 2004

last week i was getting a serious case of the winter blahs. the skies were consecutively grey and the temperatures were hovering around 0. to top it off, my day job was crazy. that all changed yesterday with beautiful blue skies (yes the temps were still in the negatives), a peek at a craft show and a nice walk home.

but today it finally snowed! cold temperatures somehow become quite bearable when it snows. i don't even mind the -4 because of the precipitation in the form of small ice crystals. it's so pretty when it comes down and it reveals all the hidden shapes in outdoor objects like plants, buildings and telephone poles.

i skipped into work singing, 'it's snowing! it's snowing!' work was even bearable b/c of the snow. aaaah lovely snow.


[The User] said...

Cool photo! I really dig this night time stuff. I assume it's Lomo. It's cold here but no snow for us, just rain. Ah.. I want snow too.

happyd said...

yes!! the trusty, now 1 year old, lc-a :)