Sunday, February 27, 2011

a lovely visit

two friends

my sister hannah's visit went by so quickly and i was so busy trying to soak up as much hannah-time as i could, that i forgot to take photos!

we mostly did home stuff and hung out with the dogs. hannah baked up such a storm (lemon-yogurt cake for a dinner party, chocolate cake for us, walnut cake and walnut muffins) and cooked so many delicious meals for us, we hardly had a chance to take her out for some toronto eats.

we even biked around together (although initially hannah didn't enjoy biking in toronto because of the parked cars on the college street bike lanes).

she was here for exactly a week and i don't know why i do this, but 2 days before her departure i started to think about how we'd be apart again and started to get really sad. i even took out my sadness on poor andre by being cranky the morning of hannah's flight.

it's getting harder and harder to part with my family ... so to try to stay positive and not so blue, i want to start a weekly good things (a la hello ... although i'm not sure if she's doing it anymore):

• we're all sick of winter right now, but the snow fall last night was beautiful
• petey and duke's giardia medication is finished
• playing fetch in the snow with the dogs
• sending a newsletter to print for a client
• making butternut squash soup

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